Continuing on our Jolly Awesome road trip, we headed to Marfa, which is an 8 hour drive from Dallas through boring non-scenic desert. – So is it worth the trip?? Hell Yes!

As we got further into the expansive Texas desert we were soon left with just 2 radio stations one playing pure country music and the other preaching about the Lord, so we knew we really were in the middle of no where. But that’s where Marfa comes in and is just full of surprises…

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El Cosmico

I was originally drawn to Marfa after seeing pictures of brightly coloured trailers parked up in the desert. This is the amazing El Cosmico, where you can take your pick from trailers, tipis, and yurts – the perfect alternative accommodation and an instagrammers dream! We chose a gorgeous pink number. Just loved the vibe here, there’s hammocks to chill in and bikes to hire so you can ride around town like a badass.






You can’t go to Marfa without visiting the Prada Installation. Marfa has become the unique place that it is due to artists and creatives moving there. So it only seems appropriate that such a modern installation should sit out in the desert. Despite being in the middle of nowhere it has become quite the tourist attraction, and typically a coach load of pensioners turned up right when we arrived to spoil our artsy photos.



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Marfa Burrito

A great place to stop by for breakfast, Ramona serves the burritos straight out of her kitchen, and doesn’t really speak a word of English, so it’s pretty authentic! There’s a cute little garden out back, with a truck serving prickly pear juice to go with your burrito wrap of goodness.




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Hotel Saint George

Laid back trendy hotel and restaurant and a bit of a saviour being one of the few places open mid-week for dinner. They also house Marfa Book Co, with a great book and gift selection.







The Get Go

Just the coolest supermarket, and despite being out in the desert they have all the organic foodie treats you can think of. There’s not really much else to say except I got a really cool tote bag from here that we now use for taking Jolly Awesome post to the post office 🙂



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The Capri

This is where you go to feel fancy and order a nice cocktail, they do a good G&T too. It’s a great space with a sleek bar area and outdoor patio with water feature, very tranquil.








Food Trucks

Sadly we were in Marfa mid-week and the food trucks only seem to be open at the weekend. But they had to get a honourable mention as with names like Food Shark and Boyz 2 Men they’ve just got to be awesome.



Cactus Enamel Pin



– Katie 🙂



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