Jolly Adventures – PARIS – Part 1

Matt and I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Paris a couple of times this year to take part in a trade show and a pop-up shop.

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I have been to Paris a fair few times now; so have ticked all the main sights off. – Not that seeing the Eiffel Tower gets old, but I tend to now enjoy wandering around neighbourhoods and discovering new places. We love staying in Le Marais, its the hip area, and does have a nice vibe to it. – Lots of cool shops, restaurants and bars.


So heres some places to check out and be all Parisian and cool:





Palais De Tokyo – We actually visited here during PFW, so some of the building was being used as show space – lots of fashiony types wafting around. Actually went here to do some work in their coffee shop, but enjoyed having a wander round looking at some crazy modern art on display. They have a good shop too for books and magazines. You have to have some silly pics in the black and white photobooth!









Holybelly – The place to go for brunching, judging by how busy it was. Love the decor and the food was super tasty – had the pancake stack with crispy bacon, yep was the dream. It is also just off Canal St Martin which is a cool place to have a good wander around.









Buvette – They have a branch of this restaurant in NY too. The food was seriously good and a great way to experience their take on French classics, its small plates so you can order lots! Nice atmosphere too, candlelit and cosy.










Maison Kitsune – One of Matts favourites, they manage to combine a clothing range, music and coffee in such a cool effortless way. Nice to just to pop in and grab a coffee.










Printemps Rooftop – On the roof of this department store you get some pretty awesome views of all of Paris. Its really casual, you can just chill and buy a beer from the cafe, its free to go up there.












Ober Mamma – This is a super popular Italian restaurant. Theres a huge tree in the middle of it and the food and cocktails are good, had food envy of the table next to us that ordered a massive pan of truffle pasta…looked so yummy.








Merci – This concept shop feels like a hidden gem when you stumble across the little courtyard and fiat 500 outside it, except its always really busy so not so hidden! Split over a few floors, covering homeware, clothing, gifts and more, with several quirky cafes thrown in, its just pretty lovely to wander around.






So as I tend to get pretty carried away with this kind of thing, I though it best to split the post into 2 parts. The next one focuses on more smaller independent places……





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